A challenging month !!

Last few weeks have been a bit different to say the least !! We’ve had 2 matches cancelled to due to the bad weather vs Chessington and Merton Park. 2 matches were also cancelled due to us and Supreme not having enough bowlers available. But on a brighter note we have had 2 Top ten league matches played. We went over to North Sheen on a friday evening, which was a fantastic game played in a great spirit and they even fed us afterwards. Unfortunately the score didn’t go our way, despite winning the singles we lost the Pairs, triples and fours. score ended up 86-61, 8 points to 2. They got their revenge from a few weeks earlier.

Last sunday we went to Belmont again in the Top 10 league, their was rather challenging to play on. It was a tight game through the whole match, the singles played by Andrew Richardson won 21-10, meanwhile the triples were surging ahead and eventually won 23-14 skipped by Steve Wessier, the pairs with Paul Foley and Shan Maylin were finding tough going on a rink that was rather sporting rink and lost 21-12. The fours were also finding difficult to score, skipped by Ian Birnie, but a five late on ,meant we went in to the last end 3 up overall, they managed to hold to 2nd bowl so the overall score was 73-71, 6 points to 4